Mrs.Magdalene Mwachofi

Welcome to Nachu Technical and Vocational College: where skills meet innovation. We are a center of excellence in welding and fabrication with our workshops fitted with state of the art welding machines for arc and gas welding, TIG and MIG welding. True to our motto, the college has partnered with Kikuyu Sub-county NG-CDF to make furniture for the schools in the Sub-county. In the year 2022, Nachu TVC made 800 school lockers and chairs, 100 dining tables and 200 benches that are in use in various secondary and primary schools. All the furniture was make by our students in the Welding and Fabrication Department, the Building and Civil Engineering Department and the Electrical and Electronics Department. Students from other departments learned welding, carpentry and other skills such as painting and branding while doing it on the furniture. At the moment, the students are fabricating their lecture chairs. Our college excels in the areas of Welding and Fabrication and Building and Civil Engineering. This is driven by the demand for these skills within Kikuyu sub-county which is the dormitory of Nairobi. Many plots being advertised for sale in various media are located in Kikuyu leading to a vibrant construction economy. As a result, the spill over services have grown and continue to grow. We therefore train many of the demand driven skills among them the Hospitality industry namely Food and Beverage Production and Hair and Beauty Therapy.

Nachu TVC is a NITA accredited college offering courses in arc and gas welding, plumbing among others. This means that we have courses for all skills a student would wish to train in and adequate space for each students. Anyone who sees this message, know that we have space for you, your brother, sister, cousin, niece, nephew daughter, son and neighbour. I invite you all to Nachu TVC for quality training in relevant skills for our economy. Let us grow Kenya together.

Mr. George Mugo
Deputy Principal

The Deputy Principals office is incharge of both academics and operational activities of the college. Nachu TVC is currently registered under TVETA and offers both Technical and Business courses examined by both KNEC and NITA examination bodies.

In the last three years, the College has re-invented herself in all spheres of its mandate. Tangible examination results and rise in student’s population has been realized. This has made our examinations results to stand at a current pass rate of 85.67%.

TThis has been possible due to hard work of both the teaching staff and high disciplined students, conducive working environment. This performance is expected to continue improving..

Nachu TVC will continue to shine among other similar institutions in accordance with its vision, mission and motto.


Mr Nyamongo GeofFrey
Dean of Students